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Water Damage Repair and the methods to extract water in an emergency

Water damage is caused by several means both internal and external. The most important goals are twofold: get the structure dry, and get it dry as quickly as possible.

Water damages are classed by the source of the water at hand. A fresh water pipe break for example is not handled the same way as a sewerage backup. Each requires a solution based on the type of water. As time passes, if left unattended, water damages can become more difficult, and the category damage can be upgraded.

The reason the timing of getting to the restoration is so important is that the longer a building material is wet (drywall for instance) the more likely those components will have to be replaced. It is also more likely that micro organisms like mold and bacteria can grow.

Mold is on everyone’s mind these days, and the longer water remains on building materials, the more likely mold is to develop.

There are specific methods for drying a structure, and contents. These methods include:

  1. Extracting as much water as possible. This is as important in drying as any other. A well-extracted floor will hasten the drying process. A study was done that outlined the necessary components for proper extraction, and these included extracting carpet, pad and sub floor as well as hard surfaces.
  2. Using psychometric tools, like hygrometers to measure the moisture content of the different building materials (flooring, drywall, wallboard) and to measure the daily progress the drying process is making. These tools offer an objective drying analysis. You have to measure the moisture content of building materials as well as humidity to properly monitor drying.
  3. The use of air movers. Air moving across a materials surface will cause that material to dry.
  4. The use of dehumidifiers. These units lower the humidity in a structure, and enable the wet materials to give up moisture.
There are several other factors involved with drying a wet structure. These comments are offered as a brief overview.

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